Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Drunk Dreams And Fear of Relapse

No matter how long it's been since the last drink. The Alcoholic in recovery will always have a drunk dream now again or a dream were we are intending the drink, we awaken fearing the relapse and relieved to awaken still sober. 

Was it Just a Dream?
                             Scripture says that God reveals things to us through dreams.
 This dream did just that.

The Dream

First, I am talking on the phone to a delivery store 
and I have agreed to a very nice discount on three bottles of alcohol. 

The next thing I know these people come to me with a boy about 9-10 years old who needs surgery. They tell me that they have to find another doctor. The problem was the doctor is drunk. The doctor is my sister. (In reality she is a nurse) They leave the boy with me. I see my sister and she sees the boy. She comes over to speak to us and she is very drunk. I am thinking to myself, please don't breathe on the child. There is a friend close by who is shopping. I ask him to entertain the boy while I try to talk to my sister. I do not see my sister, but I need to get her coffee so she can talk to me. I am making a cup of instant coffee and calling out to her. In the dream the coffee was the channel of communication. 

Now, I woke up with spirit whispers about the meaning of the dream. Aug 20 was 6 years since my last drink and I am a grateful human. In my early days in AA they say it is good for you to be of service. I made alot of coffee. There is always coffee at AA meetings no matter were you go.

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