Gratitude vs Hopelessness

★ God sent a Angel

We loaded up and as we headed back to town we talked about how well we both handled the situation and we were both surprised. Joe asked me "How did you know?"  

  I met Joe during the relapse I had 2003-2006. I lived in Martin City, Montana. Joe became my best friend and drinking buddy. We did alot of hiking, camping, fishing and drinking. Joe was what I would call a junkie about hiking. He'd plan a hike a week or two ahead of time and pack and repack backpacks. He lived to hike. He loved the Bob Marshal Wilderness as much as I did and I loved Joe so I hiked too!
  Now Joe got himself all worked up for the hike of the season and talked me into going. We both knew it was alittle too soon for the roads to be thawed. That evening we loaded up the truck and headed out. Joe's truck was four wheel drive so we would be fine.

 The road looked good all the way up and we both felt very optimistic about the hike. The snow melts off slow in Martin City. The mountain road is paved to certain point ( I think 13 miles) then it turns to gravel. When we got to the place there the pavement ended it was all frozen gravel road. (More like slush) Remember it's thawing.

  It was starting to get dark and considering the time it takes to set up camp we decided to continue onward. We got about 4o feet from the pavement and got stuck. Joe tried and tried to get it out but we were destine to spend the night there in his truck. It was 20-30 degrees that night and Joe let the truck run all night so that we would be warm. I begin to silently pray and my prayer went on till  the wee hours of the morning. I thanked God for the goodness of Joe's heart.
  At daybreak Joe started shoving pine branches under the truck to get traction on something. He had me do the reverse-forward thing as he pushed. We worked at it about 3 hours. The truck begin to slide off the road award a 9 foot drop. It was definitely time for a break. I asked him if he would like some coffee and breakfast, he said yes. I wanted to make the best of the situation. As neither one of us had gotten mad or ugly about this whole thing. I continued to pray and asked God if this was a test.
  I got out the camp stove, ice crest and a couple chairs and begin to make his breakfast, when the knowing came over me. I called Joe to come and eat and told him that we would be out of here before the hour was up. He didn't question me. He just said that would be great. ( He was considering walking the 13 miles back to Martin City) 

  He took his plate, set down and we both begin to eat. Just as we finished breakfast we heard a noise from a distance and as it got louder I realized the sound to be a ATV four wheeler. 

   On the ATV was a very big man with a very big smile. he says "Looks like you could use some help." I remember thinking, "Lord did you send this guy? How could he help? He can't pull the truck with that ATV."

  I knew most of the people in Martin City and never seen this man before. He looked like a lumberjack. He got off the ATV, opened a box and pulled out a come-a-long. I sat and watched as he and Joe worked that truck back up on the road and when out of it's rut. Joe tried to pay him but the man wouldn't take the money. We loaded up and as we headed back to town we talked about how well we both handled the situation and we were both surprised. Joe asked me "How did you know?" 
 I told him "God told me."

 I think the man was a angel. 
What do you think?

~Blessings of Love2U ...

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