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Hi Deborah,
Thanks for the e-mail. I agree that some bright red bleeding from the rectum could be from hemorrhoids, but based on the report from Dr. L---e, I think it is not likely that worms or hemorrhoids are the cause of the bleeding. You have a mass in your rectum that is likely to be cancer and cancer bleeds. I think this is why you are having the bleeding. Because you will be meeting with Dr. H----- soon, I would wait to do more liver cleanses or start other treatments that may be irritating to your system. I am hoping you and I will have a clearer picture of what is causing your bleeding and what he recommends for treatment after you meet with him.
I am also hoping you will be able to have a friend with you for that visit to help you. Be sure to ask any questions you have. Bring a list of questions with you so you remember to ask. Some things to ask about are for him to tell you what the diagnosis is--and write this down. Ask him to describe any surgery or other procedures or treatments. Ask him about any expected problems that might happen during the procedure or treatment, what the recovery will be like, and how long it will take your to get back to your regular activities. Ask how likely the treatment will be to work.  Ask for a recommendation for a second opinion if you feel you need one. Good luck, I will be thinking of you!

Stefanie La___e, MD, MPH

Community Health Partners

I have a appointment with a specialist on the 14th.
Need lots of prayers my friends. Need miracle healing.

Feb 14th
I opt for a second opition. I saw the specialist, he did a colon ultrasound. After the exam he told me it is cancer. And recommended chemo three  times a week for 6 weeks to reduce the size of the tumor and then do surgery remove the tumor and install the bag colonoscopy bag and then more chemo three times a week for 6 week after that they take out the colonoscopy bag. (I wish)

Feb 17th

I went for surgery for another bioscopy and they put in a port for chemo. 

Feb 27th 
I saw the Chemo Doc 
he said this;
I am stage3 cancer they be doing a PET test to make sure as it affects the type of treatment I get and there is a 50% survival rate for me. He said 5 weeks of chemo with radiation and then they do surgery at that time I get the colonoscopy bag.
The chemo will continue for a total of one year. They may or may not be able to restore my rectum. I may or may not have my hair fall out.

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