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My First Chemo Treatment

March 18, I started Chemotherapy, after being diagnosed stage 4 Liver and Colon cancer. This is a more aggressive treatment. 

They had me there all day and sent me home with a chemo pak as I have a implanted chemo port and continued the chemo for three days. They took it off on the third day. It stays off for ten days and then the process repeats. I will be on chemo for 6 months with no radiation treatment.

 The thing about Chemo is that it constipates a person. Before the chemo I was already blocked up. The chemo made it worst. I tried all kinds of softeners with no success. Was getting to be about 2 weeks since my last movement. I was so uncomfortable. On Wed 20th of March the Cancer Clinic suggested and provided two packets of milk of magnesia. That put me flat on my back for four days straight, on heating pads, as I was clamping so much again with no success.

Finally one doc suggested mineral oil. That did the trick. Praise God! I ask the Chemo doc and he said I could take the mineral oil every other day to prevent this from happening again.

My chemo side effects were cold sensitivity in fingers and toes. Cold sensitivity in month. Upon first bite this parotid gland at the end of the jaw would seize up on the side I bit down on. Crazy stuff. Colors appeared more vibrant, fatigue and constipation.

April 1 the second chemo is scheduled.

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