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Fourth Chemo and So Far Side Effects Are Bigger Problem

So far the side effects are the bigger problem. I am not aware of pain associated with the Chemo or cancer itself. I believe that I am in the mercy of our Lord. God and Jesus love me so. 

 I am losing hair all over my body. It's a little unnerving but I refuse to despair for I am more than this body. I cannot express my gratitude for all multitude of prayers that are coming for me. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. God assures me that I am spirit of his.That knowledge sustains me. I hold upmost praise to our Father who art in heaven.
 Chemotherapy for colorectal cancer is administered every other week into a vein using a temporary IV line. also a central catheter that has been implanted into a large vein in my chest. I am on my 4th Chemo now, I take home the chemo pack, wear it 48 hours and after they take it off, they have to give me shot of hormone to help my body recover. The pack is off for 10 days. During which time I recover from the Chemotherapy.Time to build up white blood cells.
 Chemo gives me Neuropathy in my fingers a sensation of needles, a lot of the time brought by cold and I naturally have cold hands. Go figure! The last two treatments have brought on finger champs and that is plain weird. 

 The parotid gland at the end of the jaw seizes up squeezing and causing major discomfort upon the first bite of food given a certain amount of time passes between bites.

 The lack of nose hairs cause a drip of you will. It has me carrying Kleenex and huffy roll of toliet paper. The lack of eyelashes and chemo make my eyes "leak" My upper lip sweats and my eyelids get sticky. More weirdness.

 Fatigue takes me over a lot and I have to lay down. The neuropathy in my finger tips lasts for 5 days total making it difficult to tweet or tend to other accounts as well. Slowing me down a bit, but no worries here.
 My fabulous Sisters are keeping in a steady supply of the Essiac and I honestly believe it curing me, along with the help of prayers and God. I made a lot of changes in my eating habits. I take a lot of vitamins and protein supplements, boosting my protein intake as much as I can. I am a vegetation and avoid processed food. Fruit smoothies are great, a juicing is good too.  

  I am driven by spirit ...

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