Gratitude vs Hopelessness

New Chemo Shows Improvement

Chemo is the last thing I want to talk about. My cancer blood count shot up to 98 after a 6 month break. Showing active growth in the rectal tumor. So, I recently went back on Chemo. This Chemo is different. Strange to say I feel a "presence" in my lungs, I am having to spit mucus every 15 minutes. Crazy sinus, It is so nasty. I told the Doc I didn't want any more but I can't argue because he says it's working. What is my choice? Death? I think not! Put my faith in God after all it is his choice. After this first treatment it has brought my count down to 80.

I still have my embedded Chemo Port and the routine is the same. Irinotecan and Zaltrap are the choice chemo drugs for this round. (Second round) Side effects different too! 

Is Sugar Poison? (link)

I had the cancer blood count down to 3 . I can't help but wonder the role soda pop plays in this. The choices we make everyday. In what we eat or drink. Soda is a big one for me. How much sugar is in that? The question of the day. 

Dietitians advise limiting foods with high amounts of sugar, such as sugar-sweetened beverages. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), a 12-ounce can of regular soda has 8 teaspoons of sugar equaling 130 calories and nutritional value. The AHA recommends:

6 teaspoons of sugar (100 calories) per day for women
9 teaspoons of sugar (150 calories) per day for men   So just one soda puts you over. Not counting anything else. 

It is just not easy to change one's diet. I went vegetarian over three years ago. Going totally raw is another thing all together.
Doing the best I can. 
 I understand what is like to  be sick and broke. That is what cancer does. But we are stronger then this flesh. Feeling sorry for oneself is not going help things get better. It is important to do that you can and give the rest to God. Pray in times of need. Reach out to the creator and he will help you. This game of life requires trust and faith. Become that which you desire to see in other people and you will find hope in cancer like I did. Maybe even gratitude. I put my faith in God and take it as it comes. 
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  1. Continued success with your health challenges. I agree with you about soft drinks. Sugar feeds cancer by creating a more acidic environment in the body. I have been fortunate that I quit drinking soft drinks almost 20 years ago and I have no desire to drink one now. Especially since I have learned how harmful soft drinks are to our health. Now I drink Kangen water every day and give my body an alkalized, ionized water that hydrates me 5X better and it is filled with healthy antioxidants! Contact me to learn more about Kangen water.

    1. Thank you Dean ...
      Still needing a gadget for one or two people ...
      Thanks for your comment ...