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Detoxing Ain't Easy

  I didn't know what I didn't know. In trying to raise my pH, I found I have to detox. Yuk! Four day fasting and this nightly strange cocktail revealed crazy stuff leaving my body. Inflammation in my joints is reduced. My rings aren't tight anymore. 

Food never tasted so good after doing four consecutive flushes. I eat vegetarian. I avoid sugar, cereals, chips, junk food, No soda, lots of water. Rarely do I drink coffee or tea. First thing every day is I make a banana smoothie with coconut milk, hemp protein power, E3 Live Frozen Algae  I like to put nuts in there and frozen berries. I like a lot of fruit. Grapes, strawberries and blueberries are great finger food. I like to keep assorted bowls of tangerines, grapefruit and oranges. But during this ritual it was me and lemons. I went through 6 lemons a day for 4 days.

But I haven't always been that conscious of the food I ate everyday. It was all about what taste good, smelled good and felt good. I was chronic alcoholic and I have changed, I was so sick. I cried out and was delivered. I became willing to change. All Glory to God. 

I looked at a lot of YouTube videos for liver cleansing before I could work up the nerve to give it a shot. As I went through it I chose not to take pictures there is enough in Google imagines and it all looks  the same. I didn't save it either. It is nasty. I didn't find any stones this time, I will take pictures when I find those. I am 53 and this was my first attempt at this kind of thing. I am happy to report that it was a total success. I will do it again soon. As I want a clean liver

It isn't hard once you set your mind. I substituted Epson salt for sea salt. On the second flush. Mixed in Lemon juice. The salt taste is the difference. The result is the same. When I did my first salt water flush my body absorbed it and nothing happened  The second one I used Epsom salt and it revealed liver flukes and I was hooked. I gathered supplies and set my mind to it. 

I felt like I was punched in the gut, it wasn't real bad, but it was there right after I drink the olive oil mix and Coke and went to bed. The Coke's caffeine made it a little more of a challenge to sleep. I had a little trouble with the olive oil mix due it taste like backwash. But it is the lemon juice and apple juice together is what taste like that. So worth it!

 I command my liver to give up its Toxic load! 

Instructions to clean liver and gallbladder:

• 3/4 cup virgin olive oil
•  2 lemons juice
• 11/4 cup of apple juice
• Classic Coco-cola (Not diet) 

Other stuff includes:
• 2 tea. sea salt or Epsom salt 
• Grade B Maple syrup
• magnesium oxide
Bag Balm 

On the night you are going to do the liver flush, you will want to start that morning with sea
salt water.  Mix 2 tea. sea salt into 32 oz water and drink it over a 30 to 40 minute time period. Within an hour, your bowels will start to flush. 

 • If you don't get the flush, it means that your body is very low in sodium.
If this should happen, wait 72 hours and then start again. This time add an extra teas of sea
salt. You do not have to drink the salt water all at once. I added some lemon it was better. Drink it over a 30 to 40 minute period 

 • After about the third time your bowels move they will get your butt hole real irritated, it's more like it's passing FIRE!  (I'm not kidding) This is were you use your bag balm. Your butt hole will be happy and so will you.

No solid food or you will ruin the liver flush. You may drink lime or lemon water throughout the day with some grade B Maple syrup. I found it good. It helped keep me from being hungry. 

 • Grade B maple syrup, has far more mineral content. Do not use the maple syrup in commercial supermarkets as they have almost no mineral content. Check your local health food Store. You want to build your electrolyte levels while you fast through the day. The lime or lemon water does the same thing to build electrolyte content in your GI tract and alkalize the body.

Stay near the bathroom!

Take a magnesium oxide cap every three to four hours after your bowels are finished flushing
from the sea salt water. The magnesium oxide will help dilate the duct ways of the pancreas and liver during the day.

Before you go to bed mix the olive oil, the lemon juice and the apple juice. In a separate
glass, pour yourself the 6 oz of classic coke. I really had to pace myself.  
• The phosphorus in the Coke is helpful in breaking down the dark bile stones which can cling to the GI tract wall, especially the one on the inside chamber of the liver.(That's some ugly shit!) We know phosphorus as it comes in our laundry soap. 

Lie on your right side throughout the night while you sleep. This will make the ingredients slide into the inside chamber of the liver.

If you get nauseated after drinking the mixture, it means you have alot of poison already starting
to move out of the liver. TRY NOT TO THROW UP, Nausea usually disappears after the first few flushes, once the initial toxins come out of the liver. 

• My first flush revealed tan looking bile looks like cottage cheese texture rubber
• Second flush more and some bright green bigger bile chunks.
• Third flush revealed more than the two days before.  
• Fourth flush revealed dark green bile blobs 2 inches turned my stomach.

Who would have thought?
I will let my body adjust and plan another soon. This may have saved my life.
It is so worth it!


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