Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Cancers Beat and I Am Going Thru Many Changes

I was home from Texas 12 days, before I had to leave again. My youngest son was in a motorcycle accident and I went up to WA. to be with him. He recovered nicely. I am grateful.

Charlie, my little dog went missing while I was gone. Be about 2 weeks I think.  He and his dad are rescued from a Puppy Mill. He is a Papillion about 5lbs. about 2 yrs old. Black & White freckled face & very much loved and missed. He is very afraid. Especially afraid of men. I posted in Craigslist and have hung posters all over Livingston. CHARLIE COME HOME! 

I loved my long hair but it is gone now. It is growing back now.  I cut it WAY short and it looks alot better that way. I have gotten alot of comments about it. 

It is very thin, but no bald spots and coming in nicely. I will be getting a update photo for twitter, google, facebook soon. No chemo for two months now. YEA! I am so grateful. My son bought me a beautiful 24 inches long all natural human wig. 100% Human Hair Soft Long Straight Lace Front Wig About 24 Inches Shows Your Perfect Nature

 But I have never attached myself to it or have worn it.  It is just not me. I am posting it for sale and it sold on ebay.

I have a 
Cherry Angioma on my lower lip for the last 20 years and have decided to have it removed. I will be looking into laser vision correction surgery as well,
I am so grateful That God has spared me. For now I still have the chemport and remain Cancer free.

~You have a legacy that you were born into that influences
you until you make conscious choices to change your destiny!

Never ever give up on your dreams!

~Special Blessings of Love 2U ...


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