Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Finding Hope in Living with Cancer

We each have within us the capacity to generate hope. Take time to do little things for yourself that bring you comfort. Light a candle, take a scented bath. Be kind to yourself. Take time to quiet the mind for 5 minutes, learn yoga or meditation. Try prayer and look for things to be grateful for.

Skip the world news. Set a limit to it. Look for blessings and favor in other people, places, things. Let your ears only find good news. 

 Living in past memories can dampen spirit. Each day is a gift. Be in the present. Listen for inner guidance. Believe and have faith in a higher God presence that loves us all. Free the spirit to live in the present!

Be of service to others. Volunteer anywhere, just ask, they probably will put you to work. Find something to do that you for free. Find someone who could never pay you back. Become their Angel. Generate purpose of serving others into your life. You will find untold joy.

Gratitude is one of the keys to the door of everything. Move into gratitude every chance you get. Remember the God source is all around you, in everything. Develop new eyes. Watch your life change. 

 Loving in the presence is a deeper love. Share with family, friends and family pets. 
Take time to say "I love you". Get those hugs. Hugs, words, notes, acts of kindness are gifts from the heart, the BEST kind.

Animals live in the present. They teach you unconditional love. They make us forget about ourselves. They love you without restriction. Parents and families know this unconditional love. Show yourself this same love. 

 Affirmations brings a sense of well being. Make a habit to refer to yourself as:

I am Divine Love
I am total peace 
I am grateful

Watch spirit move into heart. 
When spirit moves into the heart, it finds comfort and HOPE.
Forgiveness is another key to inner peace, If you are quick with your words be quick to say sorry. Let it be done. Forgive. 

 I understand what is like to  be sick and broke. That is what cancer does. But we are stronger then this flesh. Feeling sorry for oneself is not going help things get better. It is important to do that you can and give the rest to God. Pray in times of need. Reach out to the creator and he will help you. This game of life requires trust and faith. Become that which you desire to see in other people and you will find hope in cancer like I did.

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