Gratitude vs Hopelessness

The Lord's Amazing Grace

March 6, 2013 I was told by a oncologist that I that I had liver cancer as well as the rectal cancer. Farther more the cancer was graded stage 4. I started chemo, no radiation. After 6 rounds of chemo my cancer blood count went down to 3 and I went off chemo. Was this a mistake?

The Lord's grace is all all I need to sustain me. Praise Jesus! 

Just as my hair has begun to grow back. My bowels are telling me the rectal polyp came back, I don't want to go back on chemo, oh please help me God. I had a cat scan on the 7th of November, but I won't see my oncologist till the 11th. 

I have a hard time sitting at the computer as you can easily understand the pressure on the rectal palyp causes a dull aching. Since the chemo brain (fog) is lifting somewhat I have discovered a boatload of Ebooks on my PC hard drive. Seems someone gave them to me to sell. Don't remember who, what, or where but they are there I know over 100. 

I have alot of how to Ebooks and found a couple on Ebay. They came in handy in learning ropes of Ebay. My bill so far is less than a dollar. YEA! My Ebay ~> Here <~
And now I have to really learn how to drive traffic. I would rather not use my twitter streams, facebook and/or Google.

Been having alot of fun with Listia. A trading platform that trades out points and you are about to find just about anything on there.
To join ~>Click here! <~

I am not worried about dying. I have studied near death experiences and they all are saying the same thing. That you do not lose consciousness at all. I collected over 14 hours of NDE's at my Youtube. ~> HERE<~  I just want to give glory to God. 

I am still sober and am so glad that God took the urge to drink alcohol away from me. I am 7 years from my last drink. The last 7 years have been the best. The Lord teaching me Life Skills and how to live serene with no drama.

I have grown closer to my family as a result of all of this. I am truly grateful. 

You have a legacy that you were born into

that influences you until you make

conscious choices to change your destiny!

I am driven by spirit ...

~Special Blessings of Love2U ...


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