Gratitude vs Hopelessness

New Place, New City, New Oncologist And New Hope

On moving day, my fingers cuticles receded and the skin around my fingernails begin to peel. It hurt to use my fingers at all. I begin cleaning my nails with a soft nail brush and momma's homemade soap. I started putting coconut oil on them and they have improved and no pain.  

With the move, came a new oncologist and Cancer Center. The first meeting with my new doctor, he asked me why the   old oncologist took me off the 5FU when it took me from 800 something cancer blood count to 3 cancer blood count when 3 is normal. 

That's when I went off chemo for about three months. The cancer grew to 98 cancer blood count and I decided to go back on Chemo. I told the new oncologist, the old oncologist said, " I wanta give that cancer something it hasn't seen before." My new doctor put me back on what I was on before the 5FU.

They are also teaching me to hook up and disconnect my chemo pack.  Already after two treatment of the 5FU my cancer bloood count is down to 28.  YEA!

In the middle of the night I wake up with a strong sensation of having to sneeze really bad, but it does't happen. To relieve the urge, I coat the inside of my nostrils with coconut oil. It helps to loosen up the mucus and makes it easy to blow out.

I like the new place. I am learning my way around Bozeman. It is bigger then Livingston. Montana. Livingston is about 30 miles from us now.  

Dropped my phone and got it wet, the rice trick didn't work.
Could hear anything through it, No ringing when calling and answer it to hear nothing. I needed a new phone and traded on Listia and got a upgrade. Still learning the thing. God provides. Love it!

I stayed at the Grabow Hotel for three years. Stuff in storage grew into 2's and 3's of different things. So It make it easy for me to trade on Listia. Ebay alitte, but not so much. 

I found Dr. Norman W. Walker/s book Colon Health. It is a small book but well worth the read. The book suggest water enema to cleanse the colon of disease, including cancer. It makes sense to me since my cancer started in the colon and then traveled up to the liver. I had to order the Colon enema online. The little book that came with enema gear said ones with cancer should do two enemas a day. And of course I have to follow this wonderful little guide.It is whole lot better then getting a colonoscopy.

I feel now that God's have given the tools and heal myself.
I know this stuff is very personal to me but I want to help others to beat cancer too!
I have positive results after only 3 days of enemas. I wake fully  rested at 4:30 am. Energized for a full day. A step up from sleeping all day. 

  You have a legacy that you were born into
that influences you until you make
conscious choices to change your destiny!
I am driven by spirit ...

~Special Blessings of Love2U ...


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