Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Count Down to 3 Cancer Blood Count

Counting down again. My last blood test showed my cancer blood count was 15. The 5FU is kicking my butt. As I  am sleeping alot. I am trying to be strong but I stay tried. I will be glad then the cancer count hits 3 as I intend to go off chemo again. 

The Bozeman Cancer does things different then Livingston does.
I have to disconnect my chemo pak myself at home. It is okay. I caught on fast. Jesus helps me alot too. 

I met a young man who wears five finger shoes. Since I have been on chemo, I have lost feeling in between my toes. It feels like a spooge between them. The docs say it permanent. But I think if I wear something like this, it might help the nerves come back. 
They even make socks like that. 

I sure hope it works. 

Learning all kinds of new things. As I  must detox this body and become alkaline. Cut as much of sugar as possible. I have to get around yeast based products. I have be choosy about my food. 

I already cut meat from my diet about 3 years ago. I can see that I will be cutting all processed food from my diet which will NOT be easy as I live with my daughter and her family. They eat what they want. 

Taking one day at a time. Counting on the Lord. 
All Glory to him on high. 

  You have a legacy that you were born into
that influences you until you make
conscious choices to change your destiny!
I am driven by spirit ...

~Special Blessings of Love2U ...


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