Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Miss Me? I Sleep Alot

Cancer blood count is 8 and my weight is 104 lb. normally 120. the loss is muscle weight. If it weren't for the fatigue, I would go to physical therapy. I sleep alot.

So many changes. The weakness in this body's legs, very hard to step up higher than a step. That is more apparent more than anything else. I sleep over 15 hours a day. It makes it hard to keep up with Twitter, etc.

With spring setting in, I am excited to get the garden started. I plan to put up alot of vegetables this year, (canning and dehydration) I missed the garden yield last year due to trips out of town for my families needs.

I am so grateful for God's mercy. I have been working to alkalize my body. I have talked to many who have beat cancer about their diet. Some have gone raw, some have not. Go figure?
I have been collecting oils and different herbs to help with detoxing. Turmeric is said to kill cancer, so I got it as a supplement. I have enzymes  and amino acids to help my body digest food. Iodine I also have been using. One drop in the skin everyday. Lemons were said to fight cancer. I'm not sure about that. I intend to do everything I can to straighten this body out.

Special Blessings of Love2U ...~Debbie:) 
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  1. It must be very difficult to get your plans up and running if you are sleeping so much...I hope you ge your garden going it gives so much benefit to every being involved. I hope you get better soon my lovely x