Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Open, Honest and Willing

I never thought I could change. Be the one that God intended me to be. August 20th was eight years since my last drink. I  am so grateful as I know I'd be dead now because I was a chronic alcoholic for eight straight years. I never thought I could get sober. But with the help of my higher power who I call God I did get sober.

★ Quit Drinking on your own

The memories and the pain associated with those days are but a faint recollection. The program worked for me and if I can get sober, anyone can. After I got sober I decided that I wanted to help the world get sober.
I found out that counselors get burn out after so long. This blog is my testimony of the power and love of our most high Father/God. Also my life and discoveries, my alcoholism, homelessness, my health and cancer.
I share my experience, strength and hope what others may find the peace in knowing our Father and his healing and loving ways.

I never imagined just how God could relieve my pain and suffering. But through forgiving myself and others I was able to move pass the pain and it disappeared. Making amends with the pass has that effect.
When I became open, honest and willing then God gently changed me slowly over time. I am nothing like the one I used to be.

                                                    I would wake up to this impeding doom.
Today things are different. I operate differently. Careful about people, places and things.
Each morning I spend in prayer. I look for guidance daily.

Today, even with the cancer, I am grateful for all that is provided for me.
Thank you Jesus!

1 out of 3 get cancer. 
The need to detox is ever growing.
I advise you to look into it.
Please pray for me that when I come off chemo this time.
It doesn't come back. 

I do what I can,
And give the rest to God. 

I must share with you all.

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