Gratitude vs Hopelessness

The Idea Being Bald Has Inspired Me

After this first round of Irinotecan and Zaltrap, (Chemo) my hair begin to fall out and the second round it became more serious. I believe it will take all of it this time. Bald. You don't think about stuff like this till it comes around to you. 

Not ready to show my "NEW LOOK" yet

With the last 6 rounds chemo I lost my long hair. The hair loss got so bad that I cut it to about 1/4 inches. During the last 6 months off Chemo my hair grew out about 2 inches, I plan to cut what's left in couple days.

Crazy Side Effects
1.) My winter cap and head pillow become hairy fuzzy messes.
2.) My ears plugging up.

3.) Hacking up and spitting out mucus.
4.) Terrible Sinus due no nose hairs.
5.) Fatigue, insomnia and brain fog.
6.) Nausea and very little of a appetite.

In all of this I see God's mercy. The healing is coming and I praise God on High. This second round also bought the cancer blood count down to 68.

I have become inspired to create for myself a nice soft head dress. The ideas keep coming. 

I plan to put a nylon cap under it. I am to be careful of the weight. After you lose you hair, you know, you got something on your head. That's different.

I feel a blessing as I am being changed and molded by God. NOT of my own choosing. Never the less, this journey continues. 

You have a legacy that you were born into

 that influences you until you make

conscious choices to change your destiny!
I am driven by spirit ...

~Special Blessings of Love2U ...


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