Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Faith not fear

 ❤ A year and a half I been here. Building my networks. Truth has it I have run out time here and I am reduced to myself to,
 my car, three dogs and a very small storage unit of personal belongings.
I am homeless. I have been staying with a girlfriend. the agreement is that I be out August 31,2010 today.

  A deal fell though and I find myself with no place to go.I am unemployed outside of what I do online with the exception of a once a week cleaning job.

The neighbor lady has a small pull trailer. She wants $900.00. I am selling off stuff to raise the money. You can see it behind my leaky red tent.

 I've been offered to stay at two of the nicest places here in Livingston. I had to say no thank you because of the dogs. I just can't do that to my friends. Dogs can be dirty animals. Hair gets in stuff. 

 I need a place to stay my head. Need my own space.Most places don't let you have a 130 lb Shep-Rott mix much less two Chihuahua's. My big boy "Shorter" is 11 years old and I have had him since he was a pup. I refuse to give up my animals.

First things First.
I know I need a truck to pull that trailer. I found

I have no savings & $60. week income
No credit, no credit cards  no credit card debt. Just hand to mouth.
I've been okay with that.

 I have built in empire online and FINALLY got up my blog.
WITH my clickbank ads. I am ready for changes.

 I slept in my car when I was drunk back in the day 2001. It didn't hurt me a bit. I'm not afraid. God makes a way for me.
I am a unemployed dry cleaner. There is one drycleaner in his town & I quit him a year and a half ago.

Can you help me?

I'm so broke I have no options. I will be in a tent tonight at this time.
I will see again went I go to the library or take my laptop to McDonalds
❤ I will miss you friends

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