Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Living with Spirit

~I am always amazed at the way God gets through to me sometimes. I helped with the Fund raiser for the Yellowstone Park Bus tours. Patrica and I sold raffle tickets for the "Road Apple Raffle " before the Livingston Memorial Day Parade.  
 ~Road Apple Raffle went like this. They drew in chalk 60  circles on the parade route that measured 6 foot around. You brought a ticket for a dollar, picking one through 60. If the horse pooped on your number then you win. It was fun the pot was split with the Yellowstone Tours. During the parade I was able to get quite a few pictures and one short video.
 ~The day was hot and I enjoyed myself. I was able to visit with friends. It was nice.
 ~In the days that followed the Internet was cut off and I had time to sort out some things.


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