Gratitude vs Hopelessness

You never know what you can do till you try

~Everything that we go through is meant to bring us lessons ... 

A sub floor was laid over a beautiful bird's eye maple floor in #105 here at the Grabow Hotel. Under there we found glued paper, screws and staples. Lessons of Love and alot of work! The videos at YouTube were a great help.  
   This place was built by Patrica's own grandfather in 1908-1911
The family lost the Hotel and the building was in bad shape then Patrica bought back in1998. 204 East Callender St had been abandoned for 15 years and a flood had come through the roof in 1996. The walls had cracked and paint had peeled from every surface. Cheap carpet was glued on top Birds-eye maple and Oak floors. False ceiling removed All heating and plumbing systems were redone.
When Patrica asked me if I wanted to refinish the floor in #105, I said sure. What a experience!

She asked me to rip out this arch .
Wow! That sure opened it up in here.

Then she asked about the sub floor.

Small squares work best.

Got the main area. 
The kitchen was screwed down every eight inches. What a pain!

Got her done!
Tearing out fake ceiling in kitchen.

We got paper and glue.

Revealing some damage.

Damage is repaired and two ceiling fans go up. 
Patrica took this picture of me ... Charlie and I are starting to sand ....
Looking like a floor.
Very nice!
#105 is for sale at $105,000. If interested contact Patrica Grabow at
   Cell    (406) 220-1056 MST

The Grabow is a three-story structure of mixed brick tones in Livingston's historic downtown district.  It services three quiet businesses on the sides of its ground floor; its central door welcomes residents to a spacious and welcoming lobby that has hosted everything from thanksgiving dinners to ballet board meetings.  The grand staircase leads residents to the second and third floors, which continue the lobby's birds'-eye maple flooring and dark-finish trim. Furniture sets popular for friendly chats center each upper floor, with plants and a window, individual unit doors, and an eastward fire escape.  A side yard available to all building occupants is a shaded place to enjoy the garden.

#105 has a street entry and perfect for a office and live in space ...
There is a possibly of a Restaurant

~You have a legacy that you were born into that influences you until you make conscious choices to change your destiny!
~Sending Much Love 2U ... 

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