Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Reacting versus Responding

Have you ever found in a certain situation that "You didn't know how to act! " Are you reacting to a situation instead of responding?

 Being aware of your behavior goes hand in hand with what you think. You may cry over this milk if it the last you had, but did the world end at that moment? It might be a inconvenience that the milk was wasted, but from that experience what did you learn about yourself? 

  Being aware of you behavior is the first step in calling on the correction of thinking. Everyday things in your environment  influence your thoughts. We tend to future trip and recall the past in our minds. With television and movies we don't have to think at all.
Most don't have time to think. Their life is work, eat, sleep.
Nothing changes ...     because nothing changes ... 
 Be present, Respond is those around you, watch your life change.
 If you're not happy, seek first your own heart, to thyself be true. True happiest comes from the heart ...

 You have a legacy that you were born into that influences you until you make conscious choices to change your destiny!
~Sending much love to you ... 

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.Prosper with Integrity
Faith Not Fear!

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  1. Thank you Debbie!

    "Recognizing the Asignment given to you at birth is a Golden Key to happiness in your life! " Mike Murdock.

    Cheryl Veon