Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Lessons of the Heart

~Embedded in my heart forever is the Spirit who God sent me as a dog that I named Shorter. In my journey of recovery, travel, growth, inner vision, love and faith he has been with me in the flesh for 12 years. A beautiful and pure spirit. 
 ~Shorter gave up the flesh July 22, 2011. I release the idea of death. That lie of you are born and you die. Death is a lie. 

You are not your body.
      ~First you, I and all living flesh are spirit manifestation. it is flesh, spirit manifests into. Spirit does not die. Ever
~All Spirits who are born into flesh chose to come.
~When the body dies, Spirit leaves the body and returns to the Source who is pure love. Who I call God.
~In my enlightenment God reveals more to me everyday. In my acknowledgement of the Christ consciousness in me and am aware that Shorter is still the watcher of me. That is a comfort to know. Christ is alive. I am complete in the Christ. His blood was spilled onto the mercy seat.

~All Glory to the Lord! 
~Praise be to the Lord! 
~Sending much love to you ... 

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Faith Not Fear!

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