Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Watching my dreams manifest

When I first moved here 2 years ago I often wondered what it'd be like to stay in the Grabow. I worked at the drycleaners and I knew Patricia as a customer back then but I had no idea.

I worked really long and hard to build my Google Portfolio and  my twitter feeds @mtdreamaker, @my_boys_, @windowshop_Mt @Greencarmojo learning how it all works.
It came to my attention that Patricia Grabow needed some help with her twitter feed. So we worked out a deal. I'll build her twitter and teach her how to maintain her twitter feed in exchange for my stay here. 
  God works in mysterious ways. 
Patricia Grabow is the author of "Passage from Fear ", "Passage from Karma""The Immortal Now." and the final book "Love to The Millionth Power."   I built her blogger blog.  I am happy to be a part of her online growth. 
  I enjoy a hot soak in this 100 year old bath tub and
a place to lay my head.
  Getting settled in. @theimmortalnow has taken off and is rolling. Patricia is very happy. 

  And so am I.


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